Linda Moana Coaching

…helping women in sexless marriages, who feel deeply unfulfilled, unhappy and undesirable. She’s suffering with infidelity in her marriage.  She’s exhausted, lost her libido, feels numb and disconnected.  

She reclaims her power by owning her sexuality…to love and accept herself fully…to be desired and desirous…to be the radiant, confident partner she’s meant to be…to choose how she wants to live her life.   

Linda Moana

Be a better lover … with yourself … with your partner

Benefits of Holistic Love and Sexuality Coaching

Clients feel more self-love, connect better to their bodies, with a sense of wholeness, calm and presence within themselves.

Letting go of shame and guilt, they are, instead, empowered by their sexuality, their core essence. They learn to clear their blocks to be who they want to be and do what they want to do.  They live with authenticity and in their truth.

Their relationship ignites to a higher level, with stronger connection, better sex and more intimacy.

They feel more alive, powerful and free. This overflows into other aspects of their lives:  vibrant health…better relationships with family, friends, children…greater opportunities…new business…more wealth.  

Anything they desire!



How we can help

What better return on investment is there than you

  • being completely in love with yourself
  • feeling radiant, confident, powerful and safe in your body
  • releasing pain, dis-ease and trauma in your body
  • being alive, with high vibrations, magnetizing what you want
  • living in your authenticity
  • having deeper intimacy and spiritual connection with your partner?

Private Coaching

Lasting transformation by dissolving the blocks which keep you from having your deepest desires and goals.  Benefit from modern neuroscience discoveries combined with ancient wisdom of Taoist and Tantra.  And experience the waterfall effect of deeper love, better sex, stronger relationships, vibrant health, joy, abundance and overflow.


Playshops for women, held in safety, to embrace your femininity, be empowered, reconnect to your sexuality and your body and be a better lover with yourself.


Hire Linda Moana for events in the areas of wellness and well-being, relationships, feminine embodiment , sexuality, spirituality and personal development.

It’s my turn, damnit!

With years of putting children, work, family…everyone and everything else first, you haven’t had the time nor energy for sex.  Do you want to get back that radiance, that juiciness, that sexiness…be in your balanced feminine, to be desirable and empowered, to be alive and free? To love yourself more and put yourself first?

Isn’t it about time?

Click below for a free 60-minute discovery call to explore how Linda Moana Coaching can help you be a better lover with yourself…with your partner! 

“Jade Egg practices not only fun…helped improve my sexual self physically, mentally, emotionally!”


“I was able to enjoy multiple orgasms…”


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Linda Moana is certified by the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality