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You’ve come to the right place if you’re successful at work, in your career or business, but in a sucky relationship situation with your partner. You’re wondering how to make it better.  Start by focusing inward and let the magic happen!

Yes, you can be just as successful in your dream relationship, while…

…being completely in love with yourself

…feeling radiant, confident, powerful and safe in your body

…reclaiming and owning your sexuality

…releasing pain, dis-ease and trauma in your body

…being alive, living fully with high vibrations and magnetizing what you want

…living in your deepest truth, free of unaligned constructs

…creating the life you desire, connected deeply to your purpose

…being the queen in your relationship

Linda Moana Coaching provides the following services


Private coaching

For individuals on love and self-love, being enough and whole, life force through embodiment and sexuality, lack of intimacy in relationships, better connections and sex, sacred sex.  

We start with your desires and goals. What do you really want. Even if you don’t know what you want anymore,  you’ll (re)discover them.

And we uncover, heal and release the blocks that keep you from having what you want. The process is through activating not only your pre-frontal cortex and your emotions, also engaging your somatic body system.  This is where trauma, unconscious beliefs and memories are stored.


You’ll learn practices and tools which support lasting transformation. The coaching methodology combines tools and practices insprired by cutting-edge neurobiology and psychology, non-violent communication, relationship dynamics and ancient wisdom of Taoist and Tantra. 

Private coaching is offered as a package of agreed number of sessions, with each session 60-90 minutes in duration. They are held by Zoom, with as much privacy as you choose, in your personal space.  You’ll be held in safely, with love and compassion, in a trauma-informed way.


Here are some examples of practices, which support your thriving and co-creating desired outcomes:

  • breathwork
  • accessing body sensations and following body impulses
  • expressing emotions safely
  • trusting your intuition
  • energy activation
  • self-touch, massage
  • meditation
  • healing tools
  • having clarity and creating allies with others through effective communication of needs and desires
  • taking the outer action in your journey

Some examples of skills you’d learn to apply to your life and relationship are how to:

  • regulating nervous system and expressing emotions safely
  • living more aligned with your truth
  • accessing body wisdom for integration of self, feeling complete and loving yourself
  • relating to others, creating safety to be less triggered, more patient and loving
  • feeling more pleasure, having better sex
  • balancing feminine and masculine energies
  • magnetising love and abundance
  • channelling sexual energy for personal power and creativity
  • connecting and communicating intimately with partner

How can I be as successful in love as in my career?

Are you powerful and confident in your work, but feeling less than that in your relationship with your partner?
Linda Moana Coaching can help you thrive in love and be the radiant, alive and desirable queen of your relationship (even if you don’t have a partner now).

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These are small group programs for all women.  The programs support the celebration of feminine sexuality, self-love, healing, power, truth, freedom, pelvic health and overall well-being.  There are embodiment, breathwork, energy activation and meditation practices, as well as topics on self-care, self-love, emotional theatre, fountain of youth, manifestation, power, truth & freedom, pleasure & sensuality, sexuality, anatomy and physiology, healing,  health and pelvic strength.

Playshops are held in person in Sai Kung, Hong Kong or by special arrangement.  Limited spaces available.


Hire Linda Moana for speaking engagements, corporate women events, hen parties, women team bonding, conferences, retreats, VIP/deep dive events, couples events and more.

We welcome collaboration in the areas of wellness and well-being, relationships, feminine embodiment, sexuality, spirituality and personal development.

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Linda Moana is certified by the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality