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Feminine Rising Pleasure and Heart-Opening

Tuesday, 27 October 2020, 10:00am-12:00pm in Sai Kung

Join a small group of women in a playshop around pleasure and opening our hearts.  Learn how this is key to feminine power, truth and for living a life of turn-on, juiciness and infinite possibilities.  The session includes sharing and discussion, embodiment and meditation practices, sisterhood interaction and movement.

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 Playshops are for women of all ages, held in a safe container by Zoom.  Special arrangements may be made for in-person sessions.  The programs support the celebration of feminine sexuality, self-love, healing, empowerment, pelvic health and overall well-being.

The Power of Being Soft is a one-off or multi-session program with practices to reconnect with the body and cultivate feminine energy, using intention, focus, breath, movement, sound and self-touch.

Jade Alchemy is a multi-session program using the jade egg to experience and embody five flavors of sexuality:  pleasure, healing, power, wild and sexy.

Jade Egg may be purchased through Linda Moana Coaching for HKD500 (USD65).

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The Power of Being Soft Cultivate your Feminine Energy

Would you like to…

…awaken your sexuality and celebrate your femininity, while staying safe?
…love yourself and your body more?
…get out of your head and be in your body?
…balance your feminine and masculine energies?
…feel more alive, radiant, confident and safe in your body?
…be empowered and strong in your feminine way, letting go of expectations and control?

Cultivate your feminine energy to attract, with grace and ease, rather than pursue, what you want in life. Develop your strength and power in the feminine energy of being intuitive, creative, receptive and in flow. Generating more polarity with your masculine energy partner, you are cherished and adored.   Your relationship improves and strengthens.  Sexually chemistry naturally increases.  

Join The Power of Being Soft playshop, to bring out your feminine radiance, aliveness and inner power of being soft.  The benefits of the practices you will learn are to:

  • connect your body to your mind 
  • open your heart and create more love for self and others
  • release tension and stress in body
  • bring health and vitality to organs
  • strengthen your pelvic floor
  • super-charge your energy level
  • help release shame, guilt, fear about your sexuality

The Power of Being Soft is a one-off or multi-session program, held through Zoom, allowing you privacy and safety of your home or in your sacred space. 

Jade Alchemy Awaken Your Feminine Essence

Would you like to…

…awaken and celebrate your sexuality, your birthright, in a safe way?

…completely love and be in love with yourself and your body?

…release guilt, shame, fear and replace with celebration, joy and love?

…heal psycho-emotionally and physiologically from pelvic issues, translating to greater health overall?

…be empowered while letting go of control in your life?

…get out of your head and access the wisdom of your body?

…expand your capacity for feeling exquisite pleasure and orgasmic experiences?

…reclaim your true self, buried under layers of conditioning by family, society and religion?

…feel more alive, desirable and sexy?

Raise your inner radiance, aliveness and soft power. Awaken your feminine essence through Jade Alchemy!

Jade Alchemy is designed from ancient Taoist wisdom on health, sexuality and longevity. With the use of the Jade Egg, a tangible tool and the practices in this program, a woman reconnects deeply to herself, her body and her sexuality.

An overwhelming majority of women who practice with the Jade Egg feel more self-love. There is a strong connection of sexual agency and pleasure to self-love. She feels more alive, sexually vibrant and confident to express her authentic self safely. Women have also reported an increase in libido, natural lubrication and sensitivity. They enjoy a fuller range of sexual expression and experience. This sense of freedom brings better health, deeper connection, passion and flow.

Jade Alchemy is for all adult women, even if you have had removal of organs.  For older women, this program helps counteract cultural conditioning that sexuality after menopause just goes away.

Jade Alchemy is a multi-session program, held through Zoom, allowing you privacy and safety of your home or in your sacred space. It includes the following:

  • care and use of the Jade Egg
  • primer on female anatomy and physiology
  • guided practices to bring you to focus into your body, feel sensations and tap into the wisdom of your body
  • exercises to ground and soothe the nervous system to gently support relaxation and embodiment
  • five different flavors of your sexuality to experience: pleasure, healing, power, wild and sexy!

The highest quality Jade Egg available is made from 100% pure nephrite jade from a certified mine in Canada. The egg is medium size of 43mm x 30mm. It’s processed completely free of chemicals and drilled for easy stringing.

Jade Egg may be purchased through Linda Moana Coaching for HKD500 (USD65).

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Linda Moana is certified by the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality