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Hi, I’m Linda Moana. As a Love Sexuality Relationship Coach, I help couples and women who have suffered and struggled with infidelity and would like to renew and rebirth their relationship.   Even if they experience guilt, shame and fear, power struggles, lack of trust and loss of intimacy, their relationship transforms and they fall deeply in love with and desire each other again. 

I love working with women successful in her career, yet in a sucky relationship and want to go from exhausted, undesired and sexless to being the radiant, confident and desirable partner she’s born to be.  Fully loving herself…reclaiming her sexuality…being the queen in her relationship…feeling worthy, enough and deserving…experiencing her richest and juiciest life ever.  

I was a successful Wealth Manager at a major international bank for over 25 years and before that, just as successful Chemist at a medical diagnostics company.  But I felt less successful in my relationships with any emotional stake–as a parent, daughter, sister and as a partner in my marriage. After becoming a mother, I was seeing a different reality of the patriarchal world from what I learned through my family, education, religion, media and society.

My curiosity led me on a personal awakening journey.  I learned alternative healing modalities with energy and emotions: Reiki, Yuen and Emotional Freedom Technique.  I became a certified Health & Wellness coach. To be a better parent, I trained in brain development and parent effectiveness. Doing much inner work, being in my truth feels powerful and peaceful. I manage my family relationships with more ease and grace and less triggers, while having firm, yet loving boundaries.

Living a healthy and balanced lifestyle has also been a priority for me. I make conscious food choices, practice yoga, movement, earthing and spirituality. I was zen in my later years of my career, as I realized it’s not about striving. It’s about alignment, allowing, gratitude and truly helping others.

Despite having it all, I felt something was still missing. My relationship with my partner was more like a business relationship, where we co-parented and ran our household. I was shut down in my body, numb and disconnected from my sexuality.

Modern cultures virtually ignore the strong link between health and sexuality.  Sexuality, our core essence, is hardly discussed, due to its taboo nature. In the ancient traditions of Tantra and Taoism, sexual energy, which doesn’t even have to be about sex, is the principal life force. It’s the foundation of all energy and aliveness in a human being.

The unique coaching methodolgy of Love Sexuality Relationship coaching is inspired by a blend of modern neuroscience and psychology, non-violent communication, relationship dynamics and ancient Taoist and Tantra wisdom.  Body, mind and emotions are engaged holistically for lasting transformation.  The coaching tools and practices used in this methodology, support healing a range of health and sexual issues. They gently release the blocks, conditioning and wounding, layer by layer, which keep women from loving who we are and being who we are.

When I nurture my sexuality, I am alive, free, powerful and aligned with my truth. I love and am loved by myself and I’m my own best lover.  This reflects in my relationships with others and my life opens up to infinite possibilities. I can guide you to have that, too.

I am certified as a sex, love and relationship coach and as a jade egg coach from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.

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Linda Moana is certified by the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality