People keep asking why I became a Love and Sexuality Coach, after being in the Wealth Management industry for years. It’s so different and well, eyebrow raising, to say the least.

Yes, I’m working in a business which I absolutely love (tell you more below)! I’m having the best love life, meeting very conscious men who connect with me with complete openness, acceptance and readiness to go deep. And I’m happy and confident, exploring and playing, while working as much or as little as I want.

But it wasn’t always like this.

I was working hard juggling a successful banking career and a happy, yet challenging family life for years. While struggling to be the mother I wanted to be, I was feeling guilty about spending enough time and energy with my family. Just trying to do everything, I was so much in my head and out of touch with my body (even though I was exercising 5x a week), that I didn’t realise how stressed out I was, suffering from adrenal fatigue.

But my lowest point was that moment nearly 5 years ago, I still vividly remember, when I unexpectedly ran into my partner in the carpark as he turned the corner out of the lift. There was this bizarre energy of hesitancy and distance, as he passed me. When I saw a woman trailing him three seconds later, I felt my heart break into a thousand pieces and my gut turned inside out. My whole world shattered and my life fell apart.

My turning point came after months of deep personal work and reflection, while going through a rollercoaster of emotions. By claiming responsibility that I co-created the disconnection and lack of vulnerability leading to infidelity in our relationship, I realised the ultimate forgiveness was not for him, but for myself.  Yes, forgiving myself accelerated my healing and opened my heart through self-love and compassion.

Finding my teacher, Layla Martin, I decided to invest in her coaching program around love and sexuality, as this was the root of my issues and the core essence of every human being on the planet. The switch flipped on and my life has changed completely.

I’m now a certified Sex, Love and Relationship coach.

Guiding other women, not only how to avoid this relationship problem from happening or healing from it if it did, but also how to live an even more amazing, joyful life that they dream of. Being in their radiance, vitality and aliveness, magnetising what they want.

And I help couples, not just to survive infidelity, but flourish and thrive in their marriage, having the most loving and connected relationship ever. While growing together sexually, keeping desire and passion alive.

The transformation in relationships I’ve experienced goes well beyond that with a romantic partner. I’m having the most conscious and loving relationships with my children and ex-partner. There’s so much ease, grace and joy for everyone involved through our harmonious co-parenting relationship.

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Love is the Superpower!

Love is the Superpower!

How to have more love in your life? It’s what we all want and what we all can have, always. It doesn’t matter how you look, what your personality is, how much money you have, your status or your health. Because it starts with yourself: self-love.

Loving your whole self is your highest return on investment. Like a waterfall, it overflows to better relationships, greater abundance and a higher state of well-being.

Why We Need to have Open, Free-of-Shame and Soulful Conversations about Sex and Sexuality

Why We Need to have Open, Free-of-Shame and Soulful Conversations about Sex and Sexuality

Sex and sexuality is a taboo topic in most of the world today. It’s something that’s so core and natural to us, yet is little talked about, except in innuendos, euphemism and jokes. Or when spoken in a serious way, it’s full of judgment, repression and messaging in the manner of don’ts. Our sex-negative culture, not only creates lots of guilt and shame, it has far-reaching damaging consequences. What’s another way?

Holistic Love and Sexuality Coaching

Holistic Love and Sexuality Coaching

How to go from sexless, numb, disconnected and exhausted to alive, radiant, sexy and desirable through Holistic Love and Sexuality Coaching. Benefit from modern neuroscience discoveries combined with ancient Tantra and Taoist wisdom. And experience the waterfall effect of deeper love for yourself and with your partner, stronger relationships, better sex, vibrant health, joy, abundance and overflow.

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Linda Moana is certified by the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality