“…helping women in an unfulfilled and unhappy marriage, who long to be desirable, desired and desirous with their partner for deep intimacy…but have lost their sexiness, libido and aliveness…feeling disconnected, exhausted and resentful…having a lot of guilt and shame around this…and just stuffing it down deep. Using a methodology blending modern neuroscience and ancient wisdom of Tantra and Taoism, blocks are released as they become free from conditioning and wounding. They transform to be the radiant, empowered and desirable partner they’re born to be…while having the deepest love for themselves and experiencing their richest and juiciest life ever…”

Does this resonate with you?


Holistic Love and Sexuality Coaching helps you in clearing the blocks to your dreams and desires in love, sex and relationship.

In an unfulfilled marriage, it’s been a while since you felt sexy with a strong libido and alive. Instead, do you feel numb, frustrated and disconnected from your body? And completely exhausted from putting everyone else first.  Over the years, sex got boring, predictable and plain uninspiring. It became a duty, an obligation, service sex.  Wracked with feelings of guilt and shame, communication about sex has never been easy. And so it dwindled from weeks to months or even years.

Lack of sex and intimacy fuels pain, resentment and further distance between you and your partner. Trust and understanding is on a downward spiral. You fear your relationship is completely broken, he’s having an affair and you’re only together for the kids.

Or even if the children are grown, married status is so much a part of your identity. You cling on to it, for the sake of familiarity of who you are and what your life is. Besides, getting older alone or having to date again is so scary, it is easier to endure this pain and ignore the humiliation. Out of touch with your core essence, you’re actually paralysed and dead inside.

So do you fill your internal emptiness with external things?

…living life through the wins and challenges of your children, with your bragging rights…

…burying yourself into work, that you’re slaying and being appreciated…

…volunteering for good causes for those less fortunate, it is better to give than receive and that feels good…

…going on exciting holidays to places on your bucket list, eating at the hottest restaurants, having your regular nail, hair, face and body treatments, all which you so deserve…

…shopping for more and more things, surrounding yourself with temporary pleasures…

…and leading an increasingly separate life from your partner.

Deep down, the pain or numbness remains. You’re not living your truth and authenticity. You’re not choosing love for yourself. You’re not loving yourself and putting yourself first.  Out of fear.

Through the integration adventure of the coaching program, you discover conditioning, wounding and blocks keeping you from your desires and dreams, even those not conscious to you. Using specialised tools and practices, layer by layer, they melt away as you integrate the various parts of yourself, becoming whole.  You are worthy, you are enough, you are deserving.

Rapid and lasting transformation is only possible when activating the three parts of the brain: cortical for thinking and reasoning, limbic for emotional and primal for somatic. Modern neuroscience meets ancient wisdom of Taoism and Tantra.  Transform to become the powerful, sexual vibrant and desirable partner you’re born to be. Because you’re loving yourself and in love with your magnificence, your amazingness, your genius.  Feeling alive, sexy, unstoppable!

Here are examples of skills you’d learn to apply in your life and relationship. How to:


  • access body wisdom for integration of self, feeling complete and loving yourself
  • balance feminine and masculine energy
  • magnetize love and abundance
  • have better sex and orgasms
  • channel sexual energy for health, empowerment and creativity
  • connect and communicate intimately with your partner

Benefits of Holistic Love and Sexuality Coaching

Clients feel more self-love, connect better to their bodies, with a sense of wholeness, calm and presence within themselves.

They let go of shame and guilt about their sexuality. And instead, are empowered by their sexuality, which is their core essence. They learn to clear their blocks to be who they want to be and do what they want to do. They live with authenticity and in their truth.

Their relationship ignites to a higher level, with stronger connection, better sex and more intimacy.

They feel more alive, powerful and free. The experience is like a waterfall, overflowing into other aspects of their lives: vibrant health…better relationships with family, friends, children…greater opportunities…new business…more wealth.

Anything they desire!

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Love is the Superpower!

Love is the Superpower!

How to have more love in your life? It’s what we all want and what we all can have, always. It doesn’t matter how you look, what your personality is, how much money you have, your status or your health. Because it starts with yourself: self-love.

Loving your whole self is your highest return on investment. Like a waterfall, it overflows to better relationships, greater abundance and a higher state of well-being.

Why We Need to have Open, Free-of-Shame and Soulful Conversations about Sex and Sexuality

Why We Need to have Open, Free-of-Shame and Soulful Conversations about Sex and Sexuality

Sex and sexuality is a taboo topic in most of the world today. It’s something that’s so core and natural to us, yet is little talked about, except in innuendos, euphemism and jokes. Or when spoken in a serious way, it’s full of judgment, repression and messaging in the manner of don’ts. Our sex-negative culture, not only creates lots of guilt and shame, it has far-reaching damaging consequences. What’s another way?

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Linda Moana is certified by the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality