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If you’re a couple who wants to renew and rebirth your relationship, fall in love with each other again and grow together sexually, you’ve come to the right place! 

Even if you’ve lost trust or suffered infidelity. Even if you have power struggles, all the time. Even if you can’t help hurting each other over and over. Even if you don’t know how and or if it’s even possible at this point.

Linda Moana Coaching takes you on a relationship renewal journey, covering:

  • Clarity of what you each want for yourself and as a couple
  • Understanding your needs and your partner’s needs
  • How to deeply connect with each other, without saying a word
  • How to communicate with each other and get your needs met in a safe container
  • Healing core wounds, emotional baggage and trauma, which cause blocks, patterns of behavior, beliefs, addictions, while being witnessed in raw vulnerability
  • Rekindling your desire in sex and erotic intimacy


  • Falling in love with each other again—>hormonal health, better health in general—>happiness and other high vibration emotions
  • Sustainable ecosytem of intentional co-creation
  • Better sex life: exploration, keeping it fresh and passionate, more pleasure and better orgasms for both partners
  • Deep connection and understanding with trust, compassion and acceptance
  • Being able to accept differences and disagreements in an open, supportive way
  • Practicing forgiveness for partner and self
  • Having a more evolved/ attitude to relationships which prioritise quality and growth
  • More conscious parenting and positive relationship role models for your children and others in your life
  • Permeating to all aspects of life: abundance, opportunities, manifestation of intentions and dreams
  • Knowing about yourself—>truth—>power and freedom
  • Emotional and spiritual growth

What’s the coaching methodology?

It is a desire-based orientation coupled with the uncovering and releasing of the blocks to those desires. The process is through activating not only your pre-frontal cortex and your emotions, also engaging your somatic body system. This is where trauma, unconscious beliefs and memories are stored.
You’ll learn practices and tools which support lasting transformation. The coaching methodology is inspired by a blend of various disciplines: cutting-edge neuroscience and psychology, relationship dynamics, non-violent communication and ancient wisdom of Taoist and Tantra.

Here are some examples of practices, which support your thriving and in co-creating desired outcomes:

  • breathwork
  • accessing body sensations
  • energy activation
  • shared somatic experiences
  • communication tools
  • meditation
  • healing tools
  • erotic intimacy tools

I want to be in Love and Desire again!

Do you want to rebuild and renew your relationship with your partner? ´
Or not sure?
Even if you still deeply love each other, you’ve lost that in-love feeling and erotic intimacy. 

You can get that back and way way more! And experience how that’s the highest return on investment for all aspects of your life…and your partner’s.

Discover the possibilities of love and desire and how Linda Moana Coaching can help you be a better lover with yourself…with your partner!

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Linda Moana is certified by the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality